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Lavu Point of Sale

A point of sale system is a necessity to grow a business and sustain itself in the market. Many business companies look forward to using the system in their company. This integrates proper functions in their operations and keeps and tracks the employees. With the best software and hardware features, Lavu is one of the best business management systems.

Lavu is a point of sale that is built for food businesses. The bundle sales software is known for its amazing, comprehensive features. It includes online ordering along with inventory, invoicing, delivery and more. This is completely customizable as it has many features that make it one of the best in the market. This is the right time to integrate a point of sale system in the business for better results. The point of sale system is a great solution for restaurants and bars. It helps improve staff and guest experience, including quick service. One can access the solution from any part of the world as it is available at fair prices. This seamlessly integrates with other solutions like people, square and many more. The software strengthens the functionality of the services it provides customers. 

Lavu POS is known to be specialized in providing solutions to the hospitality industry. This is used by various restaurants and cafes all around the world. It helps in innovating restaurant management through its amazing features and software solutions. The company is privately owned, with its headquarters in New Mexico. The main goal of the POS system is to streamline operations for better functioning.

Lavu Point of Sale Versions:

Lavu is exclusively designed for restaurants and hospitality. It has different modules that include order management, payment processing, inventory tracking, and extensive analytical reports. Industry-specific features include kitchen display systems, customer support, and menu layouts. This is quite a renowned point of sale system that is famous among the competitors. The three versions of the lavu point of sale system are:

Lavu Integrations:

The level point of sale integrates with various payment processes. It also integrates with accounting software online ordering platforms that enhance the overall functionality of the business. There are streamlined operations that expand the capacity of the online sales channel. They also offer an API for custom integration that helps the business connect with other tools already in use. Some add-ons extend the capacity of the software and yield better results. It also has advanced reporting and other effective management tools for the business.


Some of the advantages of using this comprehensive point of sales system are as follows-


Even though there are several advantages and amazing features, there are still some disadvantages, which are-



If you choose Lavu POS for its hardware, you can enjoy using the amazing system. Protecting the hardwood experience with its local server is also an option. It gives complete backup that even protects all the data if lost. It comes with a prefigured configuration that runs on Apple and Mac mini, and one can get it complete with remote installation. There are harmonious hardware devices that one can purchase to upgrade the restaurant experience for the customers and owners. There are different service bundles at different price ranges that one can choose from. It can also be accessed with the free installation. To enjoy using a good hardware system, one does not have to buy a bundle, but it will. You will find pieces that can also work impressively, like receipt printers, iPad stands and more. This POS system can also create menu boards that make it possible to showcase all the necessary information to the customers. One of the most popular pieces of equipment has to be the kiosk, which allows you to turn an iPad into a self-service kioskip. The customers can browser on money and pay for the items without any assistance will stop. The orders placed are directly rooted in the display system, and this makes the whole process a lot easier.

Lavu Management Tools:

Besides the amazing ordering tools, other management tools come with an immersive experience for the customers. It takes a lot of work in the back end to oerate the whole restaurant in a smooth and efficient manner. But with the help of the management tools, one can do it effortlessly. One is a manual out on the front end, and it automatically makes life easier on the back end. One can even track the stock counts in real time to get an accurate view of the inventory.

Management tools include floor management, staff management, kitchen display systems, and customer service management.

Lavu POS Set-Up:

Setting up the point of sale system in a few steps is quite easy.


Lauv’s point of sale system offers three types of subscription rates.

Each subscription plan involves various features like reporting, team management, inventory management and 24/7 customer support. It helps to run a business seamlessly and also ensures better services. This point of sale system requires a 41-year contract, but if you are willing to pay for the 3-year contract, you can get a discount of up to 50%.


Some of the alternatives to Lavu point of sale are-


According to the customer user experience, the Lavu POS system is great feedback for its amazing features and customer-friendly user interface. The reviews are mainly from the restaurant managers and owners, who are mainly praised for the functionality of the software. The users admire the features of order management, payment processing, inventory tracking and others. All the features are quite helpful in streamlining the operations in a better way. Even customer service is raised for its quick province-solving approach. The overall response to the point of sale system is positive, and there are many users who are willingly recommending this service to other business companies. The high user satisfaction can easily be noticed, so it is quite a great software in the market.

Why Choose the Lavu Point of Sale System?

Lavu’s point of sale system is a great choice for your business as it is custom-built for restaurants. All restaurant owners can opt for this POS system as it includes a lot of features that have been discussed below. Before coming to a decision, it is always necessary to decide on the facilities that you are going to get and the price at which to pay. There are many companies in the market that provide this type of service, but it is according to the need of the business that the point of sale system needs to be given a chance. This allows seamless integration with third party applications and streamlines data for better restaurant operations.

Lavu has several features that help them manage their business easily. It is great for businesses that are willing to expand their reach and increase their profitability. It is not totally easy to use and highly functional, but there are a lot of benefits that the company can enjoy once they integrate the system into their company. 

So, if someone is looking for a point-of-sale system that is quite helpful for business ads, it contains all the data under one head, so one can surely grow their business with the customizable system.