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Clover Point of Sale Review

Clover POS is a popular point-of-sale software that empowers small and midsize businesses to receive payments directly from their customers. It is owned by Fiserv, a reputed player in the fintech industry. While Fiserv is responsible for payment processing on the backend, users are free to use their own merchant service provider. Clover also happens to be a trusted POS tool for processing card payments.

From restaurants to retail outlets and professionals to service-oriented businesses, Clover serves a wide user base for seamless payment processing. However, businesses need to purchase Clover POS hardware to ensure compatibility with its POS software.

A variety of Clover hardware bundles are available to merchants. Although this hardware is slightly expensive, the monthly cost is reasonable with a low in-person payment processing fee. The simplicity, personalization, and easy set-up process of Clover make it a viable choice for small and medium businesses.

What is Clover?

As an intuitive POS system, Clover suits small and medium businesses perfectly for receiving payments. It offers a comprehensive range of features and hardware options for payment processing. Service providers, restaurant owners, and those running retail businesses can use Clover for processing payments from their customers.

Clover may not be the cheapest payment processing solution for small organizations, but its extensive list of payment partners makes it a reliable choice for all types of businesses. With Clover, businesses enjoy a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for processing payments, tracking sales, running different operations, and inventory management.

So, let’s summarize Clover at a glance:

What Type of Businesses Benefit from Clover POS?

Businesses with simple POS requirements can benefit from Clover POS. This includes service-oriented businesses, retail stores, small restaurants, and other businesses that need to receive payments directly from customers. Ventures looking for an easy-to-use, attractive, and all-in-one payment processing system with merchant services, software, and hardware should consider using Clover.

Clover POS is perfect for businesses that:

Core Features of Clover POS

 Here is a rundown of the core features offered by Clover POS.

1. Receiving Payments

Clover is a versatile POS system that supports accepting payments through credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, checks, cash, invoices, PayPal, and many other online means. Businesses can also accept EBT payments using the EBT app of Clover. These payments can be received only through Clover Mini since it is the only way to accept PINs.

2. Managing Teams

Different features for managing employees are available with Clover POS to enhance efficiency and streamline workforce operations.  The solution makes it easy to assign employees with role-based permissions, monitor team performance, and provide incentives to staff for their performance. Business owners and managers can track employee attendance and time accurately using Clover’s Time Clock tool.

3. Reporting and Analytics

Clover helps small businesses access sales data in real-time to gain relevant insights into their profitability. This includes an overview of total sales made by each employee and sales data along with comprehensive reports. Users find it easy to identify information related to bestselling products by filtering them and check monthly sales trends.

4. Cloud-based Applications

Clover is compatible with popular third-party apps. These include Yelp, Time Clock, and QuickBooks, which seamlessly integrates with Clover to enhance the overall process. Clover has an extensive app marketplace with more than 450 apps, offering a comprehensive choice of both paid and free integrations. Businesses can integrate suitable apps for placing online orders, loyalty programs, employee scheduling, and integrating accounting tools to enhance their capabilities.

5. Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the crucial features of Clover POS. This enables small and medium businesses to track stocks, keep an eye on the dates of expiry of perishable goods, and automate repetitive tasks. Also, restaurants can use Clover tomanage their menus online and customize dishes to enhance the experience of their guests.

6. Hardware and Software

Clover POS includes both software and hardware components. This enables small businesses and retailers to choose a mix of handheld devices, mobile readers, and countertop devices along with printers, scanners, and other accessories. This way, organizations reserve the liberty to choose functionalities and features that fulfil their needs. All the Clover Systems support inbuilt features for customer engagement, employee management, reporting, and tracking. This can go a long way in helping you scale your business.

7. Support and Training Resources

Most importantly, businesses new to Clover can turn to SMB CompuCom for support and training. It provides guidance for training and on-site installation, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

8. Online Ordering

Clover allows all its merchants to create an online ordering page for free. Merchants also have the provision to get their page listed on their “Google My Business” profile. Besides, businesses can connect the POS solution to their existing websites.

9. Dedicated Menu Management

Some restaurant-specific features are available with the full-service and quick-service software of Clover. These include QR code ordering, remote order firing, floor planning, menu management, third-party delivery integrations, open tabs, discounts on items and orders,  and ordering online for delivery and pickup.

How to Process Payments Using Clover POS?

While Clover is usually sold along with a Fiserv merchant account, you may also get one via a bank or a leading merchant service provider. Hence, there are virtually several places from where small businesses can purchase the POS system. Considering that most Clover providers aren’t too popular, it would be wise to get it from a reputed one.

Businesses purchasing the merchant account and Clover POS directly from the company need to shell out the following payment processing fees for its software plans.

While Clover POS charges reasonable fees for in-person transactions, the fees for card-not-present transactions are quite high.

Is Clover Easy to Set Up and Use?

As a popular POS system, Clover is exceptionally simple, making it the right choice for different types of businesses. Training employees isn’t a challenge as it offers an intuitive app-based interface. Anyone comfortable with using an iPad or tablet can access the major features of Clover.

The key function of Clover POS is to accept payments and facilitate transactions during sales. Here’s how businesses can set up Clover POS and start using it.

Step 1: Getting the Account Activated

In the first place, businesses need to create an account by visiting the official website. Following the steps that show up, they can set up the account and use Clover hardware to accept payments.

Step 2: Setting up the Space

Next, retailers have to dedicate a space on their counter for a Station Duo, Station Solo, or Mini. The area must be secure and have a stable internet connection to support hardware operations.

Step 3: Activating the Device

After going through the Quick Start Guide, users can find the necessary instructions to activate the device. The process involves turning the power button on, choosing the right language, checking the stability of the internet connection, and entering the activation code.Clover will then get the desired apps installed on the device. 

How Good Is Clover’s Customer Service and Support?

Clover has a robust support mechanism for customers, offering generous assistance through multiple channels. The POS system has a refined knowledge resource and other materials for self-help. However, the choice of Clover provider may determine the type of customer service for each business. The entire POS setup receives support from three areas:

The customer support team of Clover assists businesses with issues related to hardware and software. It offers the following channels for support.

However, Clover lacks support from a dedicated support representative or live chat. Long wait times have also been reported by several merchants seeking support over the phone.

Although knowledge bases are available for each merchant from Clover in their dedicated merchant portals based on the hardware and plan, they aren’t publicly available any longer. On its blog, Clover details out the process of starting and growing businesses. However, information on the usage and benefits of its system is limited.

In a nutshell, Clover offers adequate resources and support to ensure a seamless user experience.

Clover Contract Lengths

Purchasing the POS system directly from Clover comes with a 3-year standard contract. Businesses willing to go for a shorter contract or renew it every month should approach a Clover reseller.

Given that Clover is available from many merchant service providers, the termination fees and contract lengths vary significantly. Based on the merchant, the contract may renew automatically, or span from a few months to a few years. At times, businesses may find it difficult to terminate the contract. This is why it pays to choose top service providers such as Host Merchant Services.

Clover Pricing and Plans

Based on the type of business, owners can choose from different pricing plans. These include:

The offerings differ among these plans, with features like invoice management, storing card information, and sending e-receipts. Besides, businesses need to shell out a transaction fee based on whether their customers are paying using a card.

Full Service Dining (Starts From $160 a Month)

This Clover plan involves a dependable restaurant POS, with full-service plans starting at $160 a month. Businesses going for basic plans can receive payments after taking orders from customers from a house wait station. On the other hand, advanced plans allow owners to receive orders throughout the restaurant. Other features include bill splitting, Omnichannel menu management, online menu pages, and using QR codes for contactless dining.

Quick Service Dining (Starts From $100 a Month)

Starting from $100 a month, Clover’s quick service dining allows businesses to receive orders and payments. This plan features the most basic hardware with a mini POS along with a receipt printer built into the system. On the other hand, the most premium option offers a handheld POS along with an intelligent terminal. Businesses opting for higher-end plans enjoy additional features like loyalty programs, promotions, a customer base, and private feedback.

Retail (Starts From $60 a Month)

Under the retail category, Clover’s plans start from $60 a month. Businesses get a simple countertop POS with the most basic plan. However, higher-paid plans offer a handheld device, countertop displays, and a touchscreen terminal. Through retail programs, businesses can view reports, track sales, access Clover App Market to download third-party apps, and set permissions for employees.

Professional Services (Starts From $14.95 a Month)

The professional services plan of Clover starts from $14.95 a month. Professionals don’t get access to any hardware POS device with the Starter plan. However, they can carry out no-hardware transactions using their phone, tablet, and computer. With the premium options, professional service providers get access to a counter and handheld POS. This plan also includes personal services and home and field services.

All major credit and debit cards, along with check and cash payments are accepted through the Starter plan. Additionally, all the payment options under this plan are capable of accommodating gift cards, mobile wallets, Venmo, and PayPal.

Clover POS Hardware Costs

Check out the following table to get an idea of Clover POS hardware costs based on different versions and features.




Clover Go
Clover Mini
The package starts at $799 or $45 per month for retail and services.For restaurants and food service, it starts at $100 per month
Clover Flex

Clover Station Solo

For retail and service, the package starts at $1,699 or $125 per month. For full service dining, the starting price is $160 per month

Clover Station Duo

The package starts at 1,799for retail and service or $135 per month and $140 for full service dining.


Clover POS Reviews

Generally speaking, the reviews of Clover POS look mixed. While it offers several exclusive features to users, it’s a bit expensive. Besides, many users have reported the lack of transparency and merchant services.

However, there are several genuine customer reviews of Clover. The review of Clover POS is largely positive. On review aggregator websites, it has got decent ratings.

Clover has closed 260 complaintsin the last three years, and 129 in the last 1 year.

Positive Reviews

Clover has hundreds of positive reviews from users, which include:

Negative Reviews

Here are some of the downsides of clover, as evident from the reviews.

Final Verdict of the Clover POS System

The Clover POS is easy to use and comes with lots of customization options. Although it is used by restaurant owners and retail shops, it has a scope of application in grocery stores and individual service providers. It also supports seamless EBT payment functions and is apt for home service business owners.

The general complaints about Clover include high charges, hidden fees, shady contracts, and poor customer care. To overcome these drawbacks, businesses need to choose their merchant service provider carefully. Whilea number of merchants offer Clover POS, reliable ones like Host Merchant Services stand out the most.


How to Get Started With Clover?

Firstly, businesses need to purchase a Clover device from a reputed merchant or partner. It’s necessary to apply for a merchant account during purchasing. After receiving the device, it’s easy to set it up to accept payments by following the given instructions.

How Long Does Clover Take to Deposit Payments?

Generally, it takes one to three business days for Clover to credit payments to business accounts. However, for immediate fund transfers, Clover charges an additional fee of 1%.

How Secure Are Clover Systems?

Clover devices are secure as they adhere to the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). The devices are shipped with end-to-end data encryption. They are also backed by technologies like access authorization and tamper detection. The software comes with antivirus and malware detection. Along with this, weekly updates keep the system safe and secure.